Extrol 45

Highly durable extruded polystyrene foam Extrol is recommended for critical construction solutions. The special formula of durability for the Extrol 45 has been developed considering usage in the construction of roads and railways and it was established as a quality standard in these industries.

Successful experience has been transferred to industrial and civil construction. The geometry of the produced sheets was adjusted in order to get ideal material for a solid foundation for floors in industrial and (refrigerated) warehouse premises with high loads. Thermal insulation sheets Extrol 45 are included in the album of technical solutions for loaded roofing, which is used in the most modern parking lots.

In private housing construction Extrol 45 is used for thermal insulation of the bed of shallow foundations, including (Swiss) Insulated Panel technology.



Compressive strength at 10% linear strain, not less than 0,5 MPa
The thermal conductivity at 25±5°С, not more than 0,029 W/m*K
Water absorption during 24 hours, % by amount no more than 0,2
Flammability group G4


The objects of private housing construction and repair

  • Foundations

The objects of road building

  • Railway
  • Motor road

The objects of Oil and gas industry


  50 80 100
The volume of one plate(м3) 0.0342 0.0548 0.0684
The number of plates in one pack (PCs) 8 5 4
Area of the package (м2) 5.475 3.422 2.738
Packing volume 0.274 0.274 0.274
Length (mm) 1180
Width (mm) 580
Area of one sheet (m2) 0.6844