This is the professional choice for insulation in the Group of companies Extrol product range. It is recommended for insulation of the foundation, plinth and blind area of the building.

Durability of the whole building depends on the safety of the bearing bed. Modern technology allows you to build energy-efficient foundations in a short time providing long life duration. High-quality insulation during the construction of such foundations is at high priority. Extrol 40 sheets are made of modern energy-efficient extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) material, which features superior characteristics in comparison with traditional types of insulation and therefore it is recommended for usage in most construction projects.

• Low coefficient of thermal conductivity in comparison with other types of insulation allows to reduce thickness of the insulation layer without lowering the quality of thermal insulation.
• High durability. Extrol 40 sheets provide reliable protection of the foundation against mechanical damage, deformation and frost heaving forces by shifting soil freezing line from the embedded (in the ground) structure.
• The hydrophobic properties of the material, from which the insulation sheets Extrol 40 are made, make it possible to use sheets for insulation of embedded (in the ground) structures, and in particular - the foundation.
• High durability of the material. When material is stored, installed and used in the right way, the foundation insulated with Extral 40 sheets will last more than 50 years.
• Geometrically precise form of sheets reduces time and labor costs of installation.
• Biological sustainability. Extrol 40 sheets are not susceptible to infection by fungi and mold, they are resistant to the exposure to plants and animals.
• Chemical resistance. The sheets do not break down when affected by the aggressive impact of the soil and groundwater.