This version features higher durability. Extrol 40+ sheets withstand loads of up to 40 t/m2.

The best way to demonstrate the advantages of the material is usage for thermal insulation of the foundation bed and floors with high loads. Due to the high strength index Extrol 40+ is recommended for floor insulation in warehouses.

Extrol 40+ is effective in insulating buildings without cellars or with floors on the ground (when first floors are based on a soil base). This type of thermal insulation is applicable when operating in extreme conditions: exposure to moisture, low temperatures and mechanical loads, as well as exposure to the aquifers and groundwater in areas of construction.

The UralNIIAS Institute has developed a superficial thermo insulated foundation (STF) using extruded polystyrene foam sheets Extrol 40+ (STF technology has a patent in the Russian Federation). Such foundation does not have the massive part, embedded in the ground to a depth of freezing. The foundation consists of horizontally laid reinforced concrete beams or pillars of small size (almost not embedded in the ground); this foundation serves as a base for the above the ground elements of the construction. Its main difference from conventional foundations is that thermal insulation layer (Extrol extruded polystyrene foam) is placed beneath the base or foundation; this layer can withstand whole load of the building and at the same time prevent soil below the base from freezing. The STF system retains accumulated during the summer period warmth, and as a result - soil does not freeze and its heaving is excluded.