This version of extruded polystyrene foam for thermal insulation is the most popular professional choice within the whole product range of the Group of companies Extrol.

Extrol 35 sheets feature higher density and strength in comparison with the Extrol 30, and these qualities expand product usage. Extrol 35 is equally effective in low-rise buildings and in the buildings for civil and industrial usage. It is recommended for thermal insulation of the most types of the roofing (including ballasted roofing and combined fireproofed roofing) and walls of the building (both outside and as part of the middle layer).

Extruded sheets Extrol 35 are made in two form factors: with straight edge and with L-edge. The choice depends on the features of the structure to be insulated. L-edge improves insulation at the joints and eliminates the necessity to apply additional glue on the edges when sheets are installed horizontally (for example - in ballasted roofing). The trimming of the sheets can be done with a regular knife.

The installation of the sheets on the surface is carried out mechanically using dowels with a metal or plastic core. Extrol 35 sheets do not require additional waterproofed layer (with exceptions for those constructions where waterproofing is required by technical specification). The material features zero moisture absorption due to its porous structure (it consists of enclosed cells).