This is the lightest version of the sheets in the range of Extrol thermal insulation products.

Extrol 30 sheets feature low weight and low density, but at the same time they are rigid and durable. Sheets are capable to withstand lightweight distributed loads up to 20 t/m2.

Extrol 30 sheets are recommended for indoor insulation (walls, partition walls, floors as well as balconies and loggias). They are suitable for thermal insulation of blind area, foundation perimeter and pitched roof.

Life duration of extruded polystyrene foam (without changes in the physical and chemical properties when used in operational environment) is at least fifty years. This high quality was confirmed by lab tests.

The advantages of thermal insulation based on extruded polystyrene foam Extrol 30:

• It is safe for human health; Extrol 30 remains environmentally friendly through the entire period of usage.
• Easy to handle and install.
• Installation can be is carried out regardless of weather conditions and season of the year.
• Extrol 30 does not accumulate moisture, odors and does not get dirty
• Extrol 30 does not require special storage and/or transportation conditions. Polystyrene foam sheets in unbroken packaging can be stored outdoors: film of the package will protect the material from exposure to the ultraviolet radiation.

Production technology of the Extrol 30 sheets guarantees precise geometry of each element providing accuracy during installation and eliminating the formation of gaps in the thermal insulation layer.