About material

The technology and process of manufacturing of the extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam was developed in the United States in the mid-twentieth century. Since then, due to its highly effective heat insulation properties, XPS foam had been widely used in Europe and in the United States in civil and industrial construction and for heat insulation of pipe lines, railway construction and roads.

The insulation foam has been used in Russia slightly more than 10 years. For the time being the builders and designers who apply this material in construction of buildings with a variety of technical requirements have highly appreciated of the advantage and true value of the resilient and robust construction material.

It should be noted that since 2008 the products manufactured from the extruded polystyrene “Extrol” have been successfully used in the Far North by companies of the hydrocarbon sector of Russian economy. Due to the high physical and technical characteristics of the “Extrol” products, we have been chosen to participate in the nationwide projects such as the main natural gas pipeline “Sila Siberia”, the federal highway Salekhard -Nadym, airport in Yoshkar-Ola (the heat insulation of the take-off runaway), the compressor station “Baydaradskaya” in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. 


The foam is manufactured from polystyrene by the extrusion method. It allows manufacturing products with the homogenous and uniform structure which consist of the small closed cell with dimension between 0.1 and 0.2 mm. Such a structure provides high thermo-technical properties of the material: low heat / thermal conductivity, near zero water absorption and high compressive strength between 150 and 700 kPa depending on the brand of the product.

It should be noted that the structure of the cells has a direct impact on the features of the material:

1. The larger the cell, the higher possibility that the air will migrate inside the material. This will increase the coefficient of heat / thermal conductivity of the material.

2. The homogeneity and closeness of the cell provides the minimum value of the water absorption of the material. Meantime the high value of the water absorption will lead to the saturation of material with water, to decreasing of the product’s operating life and to lowering of its efficiency.

Granules of general purpose polystyrene
The structure of the extruded polystyrene
under microscope
Granules of general purpose polystyrene The structure of the extruded polystyrene under microscope

Certificates and technical conditions

The laboratory of the “Extrol” plant is equipped with high-precision equipment. The high quality raw material which is controlled by the laboratory is used for production of XPS “Extrol”. The continuous and constant technological control is carried out on the technological lines directly during the production process.

Samples of the finished products are undergone quality inspection and control of the important and key indicators and this ensures the consistency of the thermo-technical characteristics of products and their conformity with technical conditions.

The quality of the XPS foam “Extrol” is confirmed by compulsory and volunteer certificates of conformity, by expert opinions and conclusions.

Boards, segments and half cylinders “Extrol” are manufactured on the basis of the following technical conditions:

  • TU 2244-007-77909577-2013 meas. 1 “The extruded polystyrene foam board “Extrol”
  • TU 5767-003-77909577-2012 «The extruded polystyrene foam board “Extrol”
  • TU 5767-004-77909577-2012 “Heat insulating segments and half cylinders from extruded polystyrene foam “Extrol” for pipe lines with diameter between 57 to 1420 mm”

For convenient and easy design of the civil construction objects the album of technical solutions has been issued. The album will allow selecting the optimal standard and model solution for heat insulation of the building constructions with use of the board “Extrol”, including also construction of the low-rise buildings. The album has been developed in AutoCAD program with convenient for designing preassembled units, including   insulation “Extrol”. The album consists of the three sections: “Walls and foundations, code 05-1061/5-091”, “Roof and floors, code 05-1061/5-02” and “Walls, roof, ground floor, parking floor, code 05-1061/5-03”.

Types of the product

Product range and assortment of the Group of companies “Extrol” include several XPS products. Our products are specifically developed and produced to provide an effective solution of your tasks in heat insulation sphere. The assortment includes complex geometric products: wedge-shaped “Extrol-Gorka” for insulation of flat roofs, pipe bends, pipe tees and pipe reduces. It is possible to develop and manufacture custom-tailored solutions for heat insulation structures for the individual projects, for example, heat insulation set for tanks and storage, sludge pits, buried tanks and well pads for preparation of fields and deposits, and also for roads for oil and gas field development and helipads.

Installation, operation and storage

The boards “Extrol” are fastened to the heat insulating surface either mechanically with use of special dowels for insulating materials, or by adhesive foam or by special dry mixes for polymer materials. Half cylinders “Extrol Bamboo” are fixed to the pipes by cross buckles: PET-tapes, clips, reinforced or aluminum scotches.

The extruded polystyrene is chemical resistant in relation to many materials which are used in the construction: cement, lime, plaster, anhydride, bituminous mixes (not having organic solvents: gasoline, acetone, kerosene, toluene, white spirit).

Material “Extrol” is resistant to rotting and is not conducive to mold and fungus. Rodents do not use and consume the extruded polystyrene for food.

Packed “Extrol” products must be stored:

  • in roofed storage with dilution ventilation
  • in a distance not less than one meter from heating devices 
  • under shelter, if e boards are stacked on pads, the height of the stack must not exceed three meters
  • exposure to a flame and other ignition source shall be excluded
  • exposure to a direct sunlight, heat and atmospheric precipitation on the package shall be excluded
  • at an open storage, in the places which are protected from the exposure of direct sunlight 
  • at temperature from – 63°C up to + 75°С.